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Optimal Climate and Unmistakable Design

Optimal Climate and Unmistakable Design
By Redazione The Plan -

Samsung Climate Solutions blends a modern, minimalist style with demanding technical performance to provide an amalgam of comfort and design that guarantees air quality in residential, retail, workplace and public environments. These solutions also offer energy saving opportunities, installation flexibility and, importantly, very silent air conditioning.

The WindFree™ technology was specifically designed and developed to improve user comfort. By using 1,000 micro holes across the front plate of the unit, the air is distributed uniformly and silently, with homogeneous air flow that keeps a comfortable temperature for extended periods without annoying drafts. The system is based on two stages: the first is the “Fast Cooling” phase in which the temperature is rapidly brought down; this is followed by the WindFree™ mode automatically taking over, to keep the temperature constant.

This innovative air distribution method brings evident benefits for user well-being, but it also means increased installation simplicity, an unmistakable design and a wide array of products to choose from. For the residential sector, WindFreeTM technology is available in a wall-mounted version, while for the retail sector, there are the Cassetta 1 Via and Cassetta 4 Vie options. The former is a slim solution with a minimal design, making it an optimal choice for a broad range of environments, such as hotels, shops or showrooms, while the latter has an elegant design and innovative functionality that makes it perfect for offices and other commercial environments. Another option is Cassetta360, which is for large spaces and has a circular opening that distributes the air in all directions, for 360° comfort. The interior units come in white and black, and they can be customized with screen printing. This year, the range has been further enriched by the arrival of WindFree™ Pure 1.0, a new model of wall-mounted air conditioner for home environments. It has an electrostatic PM1.0 filter that purifies the air, capturing ultra-fine dust down to 0.3 μm and even eliminating certain types of bacteria that are captured by an electrostatic precipitator.

For heating and domestic hot water, Samsung has the incredibly convenient and functional ClimateHub system with an integrated heat pump. This compact, elegant unit is easy to adapt to multiple service environments, including utilities rooms and storage areas.

Samsung Climate Solutions can count on 35 research centers around the world and over 40 years of experience in the industry, with products that merge comfort, design, energy efficiency and connectivity. The company also provides options that make it possible to take advantage of government incentives, such as the recent 110% “superbonus” in Italy.

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