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New Generation Elevators

Studio Marco Piva / IGV Group

By Redazione The Plan -

The Italian IGV Group is already a global name in the elevator industry, but now it is flying forward with its latest proposal - On Air, a leap into the next generation of elevators that integrate so perfectly into their environments they become interior-design elements. At the same time, these products push forward the boundaries of health and safety, using cutting-edge technologies and specific materials to create a sanitized elevator interior. For the aesthetic side of the project, the company turned to Studio Marco Piva, which came up with the concept of a simple, elegant and pure volume with an ethereal, immersive sense that explains the choice of name. This elevator is no longer a break in the environment in which it is located, but an extension that can be customized as desired. In practice, this equates to producing full material elevator cars clad with elegant finishings and materials produced in cooperation with leading Made in Italy firms. The aluminum is certified Class A1 and 100% recyclable, while the finishings are in special anti-bacterial decorative materials. The potential for these cars to be interior-design elements is taken to the next level with the multimedia options as the internal surfaces can be designed as full-height monitors that make a journey by elevator an entirely new experience.

These elevators are not merely about design, as personal safety and security are always priorities for the company and so a range of technological solutions are used to ensure the interior space is properly sanitized. For example, the interiors are made with materials that have been specially pre-treated to help prevent microbe build-up, the profiles have been rounded to remove any edges or corners and they connect the walls to the floors to avoid germ build-up, and the grooves in the walls act as handrails, but also conceal germ-killing ultraviolet technology. The car also has a highly efficient mechanical ventilation system that constantly purifies the air such that air exchange becomes almost instantaneous.

This new design extends to communication systems, with a control button activated by a no-touch proximity sensor meaning there is no viral load on the actual button. A multilingual voice interface, facial recognition for restricted access floors and a remote-control system add layers of security and customization. The light from bulbs integrated into the grooves define and emphasize the shapes, while also sterilizing and sanitizing the interior surfaces when the elevator is in stand-by using ultraviolet C germ irradiation.



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