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Natural light and ventilation

Natural light  and ventilation
By Redazione The Plan -

Unrelenting research into innovative solutions incorporating renewable energy use has led to the development of Ecogy by Caoduro. This patented rooflight provides zenithal natural light and ventilation to the interiors below. Easy and swift to install, Ecogy can be placed whatever the orientation of the roof. Nor does it have to be connected to the electricity supply grid. A small photovoltaic panel between the two layers of the domed top supplies sufficient power for multiple movements even over a period of several consecutive cloudy days. A special wind/rain sensor monitors weather conditions, limiting opening during rainy days to around 5 cm. Maximum aperture during warm weather is 30 cm. The system has an initial sensor-heating phase to eliminate moisture from rain or dew and ensure correct sensor readings. Sensor settings allow for up to 7 different wind speeds and appropriate rooflight apertures. In the event of weather conditions making natural ventilation inadvisable, Ecogy will close automatically. The opening mechanism will be enabled only on the return of good weather. Highly versatile and efficient, Ecogy comes in several square or rectangular formats. Its compact design has no projecting parts or visible mechanisms, making it a discreet, aesthetically pleasing roof feature.


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