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Waterproofing for an Ornamental Body of Water

Nardini Distillery
By Redazione The Plan -

Created in 2004 in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, for the Nardini Distillery, the famous helical glass "bubbles" designed by Massimiliano Fuksas seem to float among the leaves of the surrounding vegetation because they are supported by long steel legs. 
The bubbles above ground house the research laboratory and an area for the promotion of grappa culture, but below ground there is another dimension: an auditorium. The link between these submerged and floating worlds is a body of water from which skylights emerge, allowing light to seep into the space below during the day and becoming an evocative source of light when the sun goes down. The reflections from the ornamental pool really draw the viewer's attention, making it a central architectural element. 
Technically speaking, the pools are only a few centimeters deep and serve not only as a decorative element but also as a roof for the auditorium. To achieve this, an effective sealant is needed that ensures the safety of the space below without compromising esthetics, especially above-the-ground. Recently, maintenance work was done on the pool, with Mapei involved to ensure the waterproofing was kept in good order. After Primer PU 60 was applied, a Purtop Easy DW waterproofing membrane was used. The choice of finishes was given particular attention, with the use of Mapecoat PU 20 N for the black coloring – an aspect that the architect specifically wanted – and Mapegrout Colabile TI 20 for water recirculation channels. It only took Mapei a few days to fully restore the ornamental pools. 

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