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MultipliCeo - Renewing tradition

MultipliCeo - Renewing tradition
By Redazione The Plan -

In 1968, Gino Valle designed the Multipli furnishing system for open, flexible and adaptable offices. The modular approach to size and shape, the linearity of design and 45 degree edges are what originally set Multipli creations apart, but these where echoed in many of Fantoni’s collections, eventually morphing into part of the company philosophy. The latest addition to the Multipli collection is MultipliCeo, designed by Dal Lago Associati for executive offices. The MDF tops, with 45 degree edges, come in two versions. The 7 cm one is entirely covered with leather. Since this warm material comes in 13 versions, it means just about any taste and space can be customised as desired. The 5 cm version comes with light oak or walnut veneers. The modular nature of this line makes it possible to create desks and meeting tables in various shapes, including especially large ones. The collection includes, all in black or white, melamine-faced MDF cabinets and cupboards, MDF modular storage units and MDF tops that can be combined with shelves and cabinets. This flexibility, the quality of the materials, the focus on details and the freedom of movement in spaces furnished with this collection are the tangible manifestation of a concept of the office as a stimulating and adaptable area that helps ensure the wellbeing of its users.


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