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Mosaico+: colours evolution

Mosaico+: colours evolution
By Redazione The Plan -

Out of an alliance between Mapei, Emilceramica and Legend Pacific comes Mosaico+, the latest brand on the mosaic tiling market that proposes new techniques and design applications, as well as broadening the choice of products attuned to custom’s increasingly wide-ranging demands.
Mosaico+ is the fruit of research into colour, materials and ways of juxtaposing them. The basic collection is Vetrina, which gives the picky a range of 72 exact shades to choose from in glass finish, and 32 in matt. Then there are collections that play on colour and nuance, as well as the design potential of new mosaic technique. One such is Fiore d’Oriente, a revival of the opus incertum technique: hand-cut tiles embedded in a background of industrial mosaic. Dialoghi exploits the potential of matching up different materials. This project by Francesco Lucchese uses metal, wood, stone and glass, arranged in many combinations. Subtle colour schemes combine with material variety in this collection to produce visual, chromatic, geometric and also tactile sensations.
The Mosaico+ headquarters is at Casalgrande in the heart of ceramic tile land. This ensures rapid deliveries, prompt consultation and efficient service. The art-design research department behind ProgettoMosaico+ is based at Spilimbergo, a strategic node in the Friuli mosaic tradition.


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