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By Redazione The Plan -

The new Microsoft headquarters in Rome is a recently-built complex in a rapidly expanding development area south-west of the city. The outside of the building has portions of façade in glass and steel, juxtaposed with brick elevations in homage to Italian building traditions.
The firm of Goring & Straja designed the interior layout on the principle of enlivening the work environment by the stimulus of flexibility: space suitable for quiet individual concentration can transform into a group meeting-point. Meeting and lounge areas are thick on the ground: bright informal corners making full use of the daylight shed from broad glass expanses. The design philosophy affords a considerable saving of energy whilst maintaining perfect comfort for the occupants. Omnitex was a partner in the plan for sun-screening and came up with a solution that keeps the quality of natural light but avoids undue heat irradiation or reflection off monitors and surfaces. The screens used Verosol Silverscreen thermo-reflecting filter material: with its thin layer of aluminium this enhances the thermal performance of the sun-shielding. These roll-blinds use a mechanical Latemar Catena elastic balance system. They hang from the horizontal transom of the façade and are worked by a steel-finished brass chain.


Via Francesco Ferrucci, 6
I - 20145 Milano
Tel. +39 02 3492666
Fax +39 02 34931432
E-mail: [email protected]

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