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More intense car traffic and heavy vehicle pressure put road surfaces under increasing mechanical strain. Architectural stone surfaces are particularly sensitive to vehicle traffic-related tension/compression, especially if they lack an even, hard-wearing base; in such cases, surfaces can be subject to continuous repairs. In addition to mechanical stresses, chemical degradation is another problem: the presence of salts, freeze/thaw cycles, and strong thermal fluctuations between atmospheric temperatures and the heat generated by de-icing salts cause contractions and expansions that lead to cracks and splits. These phenomena are exacerbated where there are failings in planning and execution. Mapestone System is a Mapei solution that guarantees high-quality, durable stone surfaces. Made of pre-blended cementitious mortars, the Mapestone System just requires the addition of water to provide exceptional mechanical and physical/mechanical characteristics suited to environments that go through periods of wet and dry. Thanks to its durability, security and speed benefits, Mapestone was chosen to resurface Bologna’s Strada Maggiore - flagstones with polished topsides, laid in a polygonal shape. Mapestone TFB 60 pre-mixed mortar was used as a bed for laying the flagstones, taking advantage of mortar with graded curve aggregates, special binders and additives capable of ensuring that the product offers high standards of resistance to mechanical and chemical stressors, making it ideal for the intense traffic to which the roadway is subjected. Every single day, 1,600 buses ply Strada Maggiore, causing mechanical, tension and compression-related stress that traditional mortar would not withstand. Mapestone System also features pre-mixed mortars for grouting: Mapestone PFS 2, Mapestone PFS 2 Visco and Mapestone PFS PCC 2. These mortars are available in Neutral and Dark Grey colors, enabling Mapei to cater to the aesthetic and consistency requirements of any type of stone.


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