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Mapei Football Center
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Mapei Football Center is a 45,000 sq. m sports center in the Cà Marta district of Sassuolo that was designed to be a functional, modern and sustainable football training ground. Built for the professional players at Sassuolo Calcio, it is one of the first such facilities to also be opened to the public. It has six football pitches, a covered stand and a multifunctional utilities complex.

The club is also very active in using the center for events, making it a sort of meeting point for the club, the fans and, more generally, the locals. Mapei was part of the design team of the Onsitestudio architectural practice and Milan Ingegneria, an engineering firm, helping to build the sports facility according to the LEED v4 protocol. The use of cutting-edge technologies ensured a sustainable approach, with low VOC emissions and an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which is a document that sets out the environmental impact of a complex throughout its life cycle.

Mapei’s solutions were used in building various part of the facility, including the football pitches, the roofs and the interiors of the annexed double-story office block and the two utilities structures (6,097 sq. m in total). The roof of the building was waterproofed with Mapeplan T, a synthetic membrane produced by Polyglass, which is a company in the Mapei group. This is a highly reflective material that forms part of a “cool roof” system that helps reduce the temperature inside the building, which houses locker rooms, gyms, offices, pools and rooms for ice baths and physiotherapy. Using this solution proved to be critical in earning LEED certification.

Other products were also used in creating the interiors and were important in achieving the desired comfort levels: Topcem and Topcem Pronto for substrates; Dursilite for finishing the walls; Keraflex Maxi S1, Kerapoxy, and Ultracolor Plus for laying and grouting tiles; Mapelastic for waterproofing the shower areas; and Ultratop for finishing the continuous flooring of the reception rooms and other spaces in the office building.



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