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Linear and Accent Lighting

IP System

Linear and Accent Lighting
By Redazione The Plan -

Using light as a compositional element is a fascinating challenge for any architect. Any environment is enhanced by good lighting, and the ability to know how to use light correctly makes it possible to really maximize the potential of a space. In some cases, linear, diffuse light that embraces the entire space might be the best solution, but in other cases, using more focused accent lighting could produce a higher impact solution. But what if a project really needs both these solutions? With IP System®, Simes has found the answer to just this problem. 
The system is based on a light bar, called the Highlighter, that is a linear luminaire in its own right, but can also accommodate and power one or more additional fixtures at any point. This is why the Flower, Ceiling, Trendy and Finger elements were designed: in the first option, available in three versions, it is possible to direct the light beam in any direction; the other solutions have a fixed optic and are designed to accentuate a specific area with a beam of light. The mechanical and electrical connection of all the plug-ins is done using an innovative needle coupling system patented by Simes, which comes into contact with a specific power line inside the silicone strip, ensuring safety even in outdoor and damp environments. All the plug-in products can be repositioned anywhere along the system for maximum flexibility over time. 
It is also possible to install the products where the linear system is embedded in plasterboard or suspended with steel cables, maintaining optimal elegance and a crisp esthetic. 

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