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By Redazione The Plan -

Materials, shapes and colors are clearly central to the appearance of building surfaces, but the clever use of texturing and finishings can exalt materials by playing with light and reflections - and add a new dimension in the form of touch. RÖFIX Kreativ has a vast range of such effects and finishings, allowing architects and designers to give free reign to their creativity to produce façades in almost countless textures. These options are not only possibilities for new constructions, but can also be implemented in revamps and restorations, even when an external insulation layer is being added. RÖFIX products and the various application techniques are combined in ad hoc solutions to meet the precise needs of the designer’s creative solution, moving beyond the simple, traditional concept of “product” to an idea in which RÖFIX Kreativ offers exclusive, customized solutions. The range of options extends from classic scratched and brushed textures, to more contemporary ones where light reflects off glass or metal. Despite the importance of aesthetics - an aspect that can truly define the nature of a building - the company’s solutions also offer top performance. An excellent example of this is the company’s own headquarters, in Partschins (South Tyrol), designed by sua. - stuppnerunterwegerarchitektur. The façades on the upper floors were clad with Designputz mortar in mother-of-pearl with a salt-and-pepper effect. On the ground floor, where the glazing is more extensive, one of RÖFIX’s SiSi claddings, with anthracite-colored silicates and siloxanes, was chosen in a metallic chip finish.



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