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KME Plus by KME
By Redazione The Plan -
Ever strongly committed to environmental and health issues, the Group has combined its profound knowledge and experience of copper metallurgy and the manufacturing process with constant research and development to create this new offer of copper alloys with antimicrobial properties.
The level of exposure to bacteria, fungi and viruses is known to be extremely high in public areas, especially where the concentration of people is high. In fact, hospitals and healthcare environments, offices, airports, schools, fitness centres and public transport hubs are all public spaces in which our level of exposure to bacteria and viruses that cause infections is unusually high. At the design stage, making a conscious decision to choose material that protects human health is fundamental: KME Plus® offer has been created to answer this specific need, making it possible to protect environments with touch surfaces that can present an effective additional tool to increase hygiene and reduce harmful pathogens, everywhere we go.
The KME Plus® copper alloys incorporate all of KME’s traditional product ranges, offering all the standard semi-finished products for any kind of application. Strips, sheets, plates, discs, rods, tubes and ingots are the proposed forms that can be realized with KME Plus® antimicrobial alloys.
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