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KME Design - Copper for interiors

KME Design - Copper for interiors
By Redazione The Plan -

KME Design, the new collection of copper and copper alloy surfaces being presented at Milan’s Fuorisalone, is KME’s debut to the world of interior design. Copper is a 100% recyclable metal. Its non-uniform hues ranging from red to gold, green to vibrant brown, hold expressive potential, besides the technical performance, mechanical properties and ease of processing.
Such features make KME copper an excellent material for designers and architects: they can work and experiment with it in quest of aesthetic nuances, chiaroscuro effects, visual and tactile allure.
The six surfaces proposed by KME Design (Classic, Oxid, Patina, Bronze, Gold and Zinn) each come in six different kinds of processing: this gives enormous scope for exploring the material to make finished objects or claddings, the colours combining with rich textural effects. The Punch texture family uses geometrical perforation or more complex punch patterns by which a varying degree of transparency can be achieved. 3D is based on relief techniques such as embossing and deep-drawing, producing patterns such as wave and bubbles. The Weave texture combines copper with other metals in a woven surface patchwork, while Mesh and Flatmesh lend themselves to scenographic effects of light and shade with their regular patterns obtained by perforation plus stretching in the first case, and perforation, stretching and flattening in the second. Finally, Brown is the result of special acid processing; it offers a full burnished surface in many shades of colour.


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