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Italian Smart Office Office and Home

Italian Smart Office Office and Home
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The current pandemic has forced us to rethink our day-to-day and work habits, leading to people and businesses changing their priorities. The “Work From Home 2020” survey found a majority of employees would prefer to return to the office in some form, but with more freedom and improved safety, and with the option to increase their amount of smart working.

Cushman & Wakefield are world leaders in real estate services and creators of the
“6 Feet Office” concept to help companies prepare for their employees to return to the office. They believe distancing will have a major impact on how quality standards are viewed in post-Covid-19 offices and recommend the following fundamental rules: access control, clear directions for which way to walk around the office and where stopping is allowed, fewer workstations, planning the number of people in each environment and adopting rules to regulate the use of shared spaces. Estel has built its reputation in the home and office furniture industry by focusing on customer well-being and ergonomics.

Back in 2015, it launched its own Italian Smart Office, with options for safe, flexible workspaces that forged a delicate balance with the need for people to socialize and interact. The company then developed its Caring Panels System to offer companies a solution to redesign work environments, without having to go back completely to scratch. It consists of universal panels that are easy to clean thoroughly, while also providing material protection from the transmission of pathogens and airborne agents.

These panels are exceptionally versatile and can be adapted to any operational workstation. As they are made of glass, the visual sense of openness remains along with natural light levels, but they also offer more fire protection than other similar options, such as plexiglass. The frame is in shiny aluminum.

Turning to the home office, Estel developed Fix, a modular furnishing system with options for the kitchen, living areas and the bedrooms that guarantee ergonomic comfort and simple device connectivity. In essence, Fix is a modular, lightweight and recyclable system that creates large working areas and storage space, even when there is little room available.



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