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Integrated Smart Ventilation

Ingenius VMC
By Redazione The Plan -

At home or at work, natural light, ventilation, air quality and temperature combine to determine how comfortable and healthy an environment is. Windows are clearly critical in this equation, acting not only as the functional and aesthetic connection between indoors and outdoors, but also as a key tool in regulating a microclimate and improving internal wellbeing.

For over 40 years, Alpac has been designing and manufacturing advanced solutions for window management to improve the quality of indoor life, offering a vast range of products, including integrated thermal insulating window solutions for roller shutters, sunshades, blinds, blackout curtains, shutter boxes and more. Ingenius VMC is an innovative new line of integrated systems from Alpac that combines insulation with a mechanical ventilation system.

A real bonus of this system is that it is effectively “invisible” because, by removing the need for a potentially cumbersome centralized unit with ducts, it becomes far simpler and minimally invasive, but without a loss of performance. The ventilation system is based on an enthalpy countercurrent double cross-flow heat exchanger that is integrated into the window unit, achieving excellent energy recovery (91%), impressive efficiency and avoiding those sudden changes in room temperature typical of manual ventilation systems.

The double F7+G4 filter purifies incoming air, removing pollen, bacteria and particulate matter, while the autonomous constant air flow not only removes excess humidity to keep rooms at ideal levels, but also domestic pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Ingenius VMC really fits well into almost any architectural setting because of its minimal visual impact as only the cover can be seen and it has a button or touchscreen to control the shutters or blinds, and the ventilation.

An app can also be used to control all the functions directly from a smartphone, even remotely. Alpac now also offers a free online consultancy service for architects and professionals to help them with mechanical ventilation solutions. The company has always provided significant project support, with its technical specialists working with designers and architects to find customized solutions that meet the specific needs of any given environment. For example, the option to mount any Alpac ventilation unit - from the powerful new Compact unit for small rooms to the Plus 100 for larger spaces - in the integrated window systems is key to hitting the right note for personalization.

Ingenius VMC also uses very little electricity and requires no specialist maintenance. A LED shows when the filter needs changing, which is a simple task that practically anyone can do quickly and easily.



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