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By Redazione The Plan -

To mark twenty years in business Oikos are launching iDoor, a new security door specially designed for interiors and affording safety and protection without any loss of looks or design. A high performer in terms of anti-forcing (Class 3), sound insulation (36dB) and fire-proofing (EI 30 and EI 60), iDoor comes in a versatile range of materials and colours so as to blend into the most diverse surroundings.
With heights up to 270 cm, iDoor can be made in a single panel or cross slats in eleven precious woods, or in lightweight translucent lacquered glass in nine colour schemes. The slatted version may employ acrylic stone - which is matt white in colour and specially suited to technical furnishing - or in leather (six finishes ranging from classic colours to gold and silver). Lastly, it can be in lacquered wood, again in nine colours and available in brushed or open-pore versions. iDoor can be mounted in two ways: perfectly flush with the wall it is set in, or planar with a 7 cm broad thin steel frame.
Produced entirely in Italy, iDoor meets the quality certification that all Oikos products come up to (control of manufacturing processes, protection of the environment in terms of eco-sustainability and eco-friendliness, ethical and social responsibility, conformity and safety of materials).


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