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Hypertouch Surface

Invisible, Indispensable, Smart

Hypertouch Surface
By Redazione The Plan -

Far more than merely a ceramic surface or design flourish, by leveraging technology and home automation, the gesture of brushing against a wall or a horizontal plane is today a way of reinterpreting interior spaces and their appearance.

Hypertouch capacitive surface is a technology designed and patented by Iris Ceramica Group, a company that specializes in high-end ceramic products, which stand out for their performance and esthetic qualities.

 Courtesy Iris Ceramica Group

Concealed, camouflaged or even invisible on a surface, dispensing with plates and switches to foster visual and tactile cleanliness, Hypertouch solutions can be applied to all types of slab made by the group’s various brands to vertical or horizontal surfaces up to a maximum thickness of 12 mm. Hypertouch uses ad hoc home automation sensors to operate a variety of connected and integrated systems, from lighting to temperature control systems, audio, video, window and door systems, using just a light touch or the slightest pressure. Hypertouch makes it possible to turn the lights on and off by gently brushing against a wall in your home, adjust the temperature in summer and winter for enhanced climatic comfort, and turn music volume up or down at different times of day.

In addition to the degree of visibility, designers are free to exercise their style and creativity in choosing the exact location for where to operate these systems. Control options range from minimal, transparent icons that are easy to apply and suitable for all kinds of colors and finishes, to more sophisticated invisible solutions that take advantage of ceramic surface sandblasting, silk-screen printing, and other processes.

 Courtesy Iris Ceramica Group

This cutting-edge solution for smart, contemporary spaces may be combined with another of the company’s innovative developments: its patented, ISO-certified Active Surfaces®. This product’s unique features include an ability to combat microbial agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and molds), pollutants, and odor-provoking particles.

Innovation, simplicity and ultimate visual decluttering are the key features of this new system, leveraging a technology that is rewriting the use of ceramics, opening up to new “tailor-made” applications, just like a haute-couture dress.

Iris Ceramica Group

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