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Hot Dog: daring invention

Hot Dog: daring invention
By Redazione The Plan -

Domodinamica have always set out to arouse curiosity and attract an unconventional discerning class of customer, their furniture collection distinguished by design originality and freedom of expression. The match between top quality materials/techniques, and artistic creativity on the part of the various designers Domodinamica has worked with over the years, each with their different backgrounds and styles, has enabled a catalogue to be put together that bristles with creative and intuitive ideas, implemented in concrete form by highly skilled Italian craftsmanship.
One of Domodinamica’s latest proposals is the Hot Dog settee and armchair designed by Karim Rashid who promises to be an interesting new outside partner for the firm.
The name ‘Hot Dog’ is a deliberate play on two meanings: the long round layer portions that go to form the seat, and the slang reference to slightly ostentatious inventive panache. The divan of many colours is comprised of four layers of rounded cushions lined in elastic fabric, one of them slit in two parts that can swivel at a right angle to provide a back- or armrest, as need be. The Hot Dog armchair and settee (93 cm and 175 cm long, respectively) are padded with flexible block polyurethane fixed to a metal core. The dynamics of the seat bottom are all to do with the elastic supporting straps.


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