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Home Automation to Improve Comfort, Safety and Security

Home Automation to Improve Comfort,  Safety and Security
By Redazione The Plan -

Using technology properly can really improve the quality of one's life. In the home automation industry, the key is to blend comfort, safety, security control and the user experience in a proactive approach that ensures clients receive all-round living comfort. This was the idea in 2012 when the R&D group of company SBS launched the Ekinex project, which saw the first products launched in 2014, giving concrete form to over 30 years of experience in industrial automation and electronics. In 2019, the Caleffi group joined the project, enriching the initial vision with a passion for design, and Ekinex benefited from an additional growth spurt, thanks to which it is now present in more than 98 countries. 
The goal is to work closely with architects to create homes that are increasingly energy efficient, avoiding negative environmental impacts while improving the quality of life. Ekinex's catalog offers a wide range of products: from wall-mounted control panels to DIN-Rail mount modules – useful devices for building management – to professional monitoring and control systems such as Delégo, specially designed to remotely control all automations with a single touch and completely securely. 
Each solution is meticulously designed to enhance the user experience and provide complete control of home systems, including heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting. Ekinex also offers a range of finishes and materials, as well as the ability to customize each control or button panel to ensure that the customer's needs are always met. These same features are also the reason why Ekinex products have often proven to be strategic in a variety of fields: the home and the naval, hospitality and service industries. 

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