History, Tradition and Versatility
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History, Tradition and Versatility

History, Tradition and Versatility
By Redazione The Plan -

Capoferri is a company located in the northern Italian province of Bergamo and, over the years, it has brought its brand of personality and philosophy through its doors and windows, to countless projects on many different scales, including some of the world’s great libraries and picture galleries, private homes, presidential palaces and even religious buildings.

Palazzo Anguissola, Milano © Giovanna Silva, courtesy Capoferri Serramenti

Tracing its roots back to 1894 in Adrara San Martino, where it started life as the Giuseppe Capoferri carpentry practice, it has nearly 130 years of experience, with the fifth generation of the family now in charge, although the company has expanded globally, opening an office in New York in 2018. Over the years, the company has increasingly established its identity as the opposite of serial, favoring customization at every step of the process, right from an initial tailor-made design, to ensure unique items. In many senses, this means an element of eclecticism is evident in the company’s work over the years, but this is not only in decorative terms, as it also touches the technologies used and the people the company has worked with, including names like Renzo Piano, Michele de Lucchi, David Chipperfield, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and Norman Foster.

As noted, the company began life as a carpentry and it has always maintained the importance of the quality and beauty of artisan design, but never at the expense of the latest technologies or the need to drive forward corporate organization.

In 1976, for example, it included glulam among its manufacturing, eventually patenting a laminated wood multi-glue solution. Later on, materials like bronze and steel were also incorporated into its designs for doors and windows. Such solutions are rooted in the need to find solutions that fit perfectly in the style of place and, at the same time, meet the necessary technical and functional standards, especially energy efficiency as a whole. At the same time, Capoferri does also use high-tech materials, like carbon fiber or ballistic steel, which are characterized by their structural, thermal, acoustic and ballistic performance.

Villa privata, Aspen, Colorado, USA © Nic Lehoux, courtesy Capoferri Serramenti

In this perspective, the company places great importance on laboratory research and experimentation, developing prototypes, some even 3D printed, and conducting air, water and wind tests.

The company oversees every stage in a project – from the initial contact to on-site support – to ensure perfection for its wide range of doors and windows, including hinged, pivoting, concealed, horizontal and vertical sliding options, as well as differing blinds and furnishings, to mention only some. At the basis of all this is creative freedom, technological expertise and the pursuit of what is unique.


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