Goodman residence: a home that surprises Burdifilek
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Goodman residence: a home that surprises

Modernism hidden behind a Georgian façade


Goodman residence: a home that surprises Burdifilek
By Redazione The Plan -

In a quiet Toronto neighborhood known for its tree-lined streets, Diego Burdi, who heads Canadian studio Burdifilek, has created a modern home behind a Georgian façade. The client is a textile designer who, immersed every day in a world of colors and patterns, turned to Burdi to create harmonious interiors with neutral, understated tones.

Burdifilek is an internationally renowned design studio that has been operating in the luxury sector for over 30 years. It specializes in residential projects that focus on balance and proportion through rigid architectural geometries. Burdi describes his approach to architecture as “essential,” as he seeks to create a kind of “inner skin” for each room. In the Goodman residence, he’s adopted a minimalist approach, eliminating standard fixed elements such as skirting boards, moldings, and door handles.


A monochrome palette

Residenza Goodman ©doublespace photography, courtesy of Burdifilek

The home has 8000 sq.ft. (743 m2) of floorspace on three levels, including the basement. There are four bedrooms, each with an ensuite bathroom. The ground-level floor, where the main entrance is located, is the living space. The floor above is dedicated to the master bedroom, while the guest bedrooms are on the below-ground level.

The different spaces on the main floor are divided by passageways that cut through the walls at ceiling height – that is, 12 ft. (3.6 m). The mainly bare walls resemble canvases intended to capture the changing light throughout the day and evening. The color palette is monochromatic, with neutral tones comprising the clear white of marble, the warmth of timber, and the bright and light tones of the walls. Together, the colors add to the soothing atmosphere that characterizes the entire home.


Nine custom made cabinets

Residenza Goodman ©doublespace photography, courtesy of Burdifilek

The open living area is the largest space in the house, with a kitchen with a glass table that can seat eight people and a living area with a steel fireplace. What makes this space unique are the nine custom-made oak cabinets that extend from the floor to ceiling and occupy an entire wall. Inside them are a pantry and various appliances, while two doors in the living area open to reveal a secret bar with a macassar ebony finish, mohair velvet lining, and bronze fittings. The dining room has a glossy black stone table designed by Burdifilek, its reflective surface harmonizing with the silver pendant light above it.

The heart of the house is a Thassos marble spiral staircase, illuminated by natural light from a skylight. The railing, another elegant creation by Burdifilek, is burnished steel and adds a distinctive touch to this space.

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Location: Toronto, Canada
Interior Design: Burdifilek
Client: Private

Photography by doublespace photography, courtesy of Burdifilek

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