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GBF 3500
By Redazione The Plan -

A door not only sets the tone and style for an entrance, but is also a vital part in ensuring easy and secure access, regardless of whether the entrance leads into a shop, a restaurant or some other type of service. This makes carefully choosing a door particularly important. For example, to optimize the logistics and maximize the security of a shop with many customers, an automatic door can be the detail that makes the difference.

Since 1965, FAAC has worked hard to provide customers with exactly what they need, using high quality materials and technologies. Over this time, it has built up a diversified product portfolio and a range of solutions for automatic entrances. For example, the GBF 3500 sliding door with an integrated anti-panic breakout system is often a strategic choice. This is the case at Bergamo international airport, near Milan, where these doors allow passengers to enter and exit the airport safely, although the real pièce de résistance of GBF 3500 is the automatic leaf reset feature. This means that if the door is accidentally knocked open by, say, a trolley, it can automatically reset and close without manual intervention.

This guarantees logistic continuity and greatly reduces the costs as nobody has to physically reset the door.

Minor accidents are common in all environments with high visitor numbers. In the case of Bergamo airport, the use of GBF 3500 means maintenance staff no longer have to take action and the door immediately starts working normally again, as it automatically returns to its proper position.

This door works perfectly as a normal entrance/exit as well as an escape route, with EN16005 certification. The GBF 3500 door can be used in spaces from 650 mm to 2,400 mm and, if combined with the FAAC A1400 AIR SERIES, it optimizes the opening and closing times for the doors, minimizing air dispersion.



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