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Gardens by the Bay
By Redazione The Plan -
Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is a grand garden complex designed by Grant Associates and Gustafson Porter that extends across 101 hectares, including land reclaimed from the sea. The inauguration of the Bay South section marked the completion of the first of three phases. The Gardens are home to the two largest greenhouses in the world - Flower Dome and Cloud Forest - with, respectively, Mediterranean and subtropical conditions, and a rainforest at 2.000 m above sea level.
To optimise the sun’s rays and produce a suitable micro-climate for these plant kingdoms, the roofs of both theme gardens are domes clad completely in high-efficiency glass with a shade system of adjustable triangular canopies. The view from the greenhouses embraces a grove of 18 Supertrees, which are concrete and steel structures rising 25 to
50 m into the sky “planted” with photovoltaic cells that form part of the photosynthesis and ventilation systems as well as lighting up the trees at night.
Mapei was involved in building Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, supplying the products for laying and grouting the granite flooring and cladding, the stoneware tiles and the mosaics that reproduce stylized trees, flower decorations and other chromatic effects in parts of the greenhouses (entrance halls, visitor routes, restaurants, restrooms and ponds).

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