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By Redazione The Plan -

The walls for this Spa have been finished in Fossil, which has a more rugged, uneven texture, similar to broken stone, which gives the ambience a captivating sensation of warmth and a dynamic aesthetic. If wellbeing is identified with a return to nature, then the choice of finishes for this spa are a step in the right direction. In fact, in this project they have chosen full body sintered stone in two different finishes to enhance the sensation of naturalness. Furthermore, Lapitec®s resistance to temperature and humid environments make it a highly versatile material for spas, relaxation corners and wellness areas. For the flooring and stairs, the designers opted for the Vesuvio finish; the slightly rough surface reduces slipperiness and prevents dirt build up. All the coverings are in the Porfido Rosso shade, a delicate yet striking hue that gently reflects the natural light, blending harmoniously with the large window.

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