Fixed corner system - Transparency on all fronts
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Fixed corner system - Transparency on all fronts

Fixed corner system - Transparency on all fronts
By Redazione The Plan -
Essenza windows have frameless glazing to create a continuous, completely glass surface and now a new fixed corner system and sliding doors have been added to the range. In the latest configuration, the fully glazed corner is built using the same technology as the sliding doors and windows, with two lift and slide doors converging on the corner. It can withstand loads up to 300 kg, with a maximum surface area of
6 mq per door.
Double and triple glazing can be used in both the standard and soundproof versions and current energy saving regulations are always complied with. The doors have an oxidised or coated aluminium profile, with a thermal break, glued between two glass panes. This is then hidden using screen printing on the inner sides of the glass in white, black or grey, with room for customisation.
The accessories, mechanisms, profiles and seals used ensure perfect protection from the elements, with class C5 wind resistance, class 4 air permeability and E900 (900 Pa) water-tightness.
The Essenza fixed corner system is the ideal solution in residential or commercial settings for verandas, spas, swimming pools and winter gardens. Transparency is optimised to really open up views of the exterior, without compromising on thermal performance and thus living comfort.

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