Fal Matera Central Railway Station
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Fal Matera Central Railway Station

Transport and Sustainability

Stefano Boeri

Fal Matera Central Railway Station
By Redazione The Plan -

Matera was the 2019 European Capital of Culture, heralding a rich season of initiatives and activities that really provided a boost to the city and the surrounding area. In the years leading up to 2019, it became clear the growth in visibility would bring increased tourist numbers and so it became essential to restyle the FAL Matera Central railway station on the Bari-Matera line. Designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti, the new complex draws inspiration from the famed Sassi di Matera “cave dwellings” to create two large empty spaces: one is 6 m below the surface, improving access in the underground gallery; the other is formed by an expansive roof on columns that protects the entrance plaza. Steel and local stone are the dominant materials, partly to provide a symbolic reference to the old and new sides of this unique, age-old city. Mapei’s involvement in this urban regeneration project was to provide admixtures for concrete and waterproofing solutions for revamping the underground gallery and the vertical sections of the tunnel. Mapei also had a physical presence on site with its Mobile Laboratory, which helped with the mix design and the supervision of the making and pouring of the concrete to ensure everything was done on time. As part of the drive to find sustainable solutions, Mapei recommended using the Dynamon SR 914 admixture, which was used in the creation of the foundation bed on which the crossties and tracks inside the existing tunnel were positioned. The use of this super-plasticizer makes it possible to use exceptionally
high-quality concrete mixtures and guarantees excellent performance, while reducing the required water by over 20% compared to traditional methods. Dynamon SR 914 also makes the concrete easier to mix, reducing the power needed for mixing and applying the concrete. This new generation super-plasticizer also helped cut CO2 emissions by at least 15% per cubic meter of concrete, as calculated using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method.



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