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Textile Transformation for Façades

By Redazione The Plan -

We are living in an age in which regeneration and reuse form the fulcrum on which design and planning are balanced. And this has made it once again essential for building envelopes to be extremely flexible so they can be adapted when a building is repurposed or the technical features and performance are upgraded. In this light, Schüco has extended its range to include the FACID textile façade system. It specifically responds to the need of architecture to be ready for “what the future holds”, as it can be rapidly and flexibly changed to modify the external appearance of a building without impinging on day-to-day functioning, and it offers enormous space for design creativity.

FACID technology is based on a patented fastening system that is simple to install and can be used for suspended and ventilated façades, and solutions with integrated sunscreens. But it can also add an entirely new level of decorative design through the creation of special combined façades. FACID is both flexible and durable, appealing to architects because of the creative freedom it opens up, and to window and door installers because it is such a lightweight option that is quick and easy to put in place. The structure of FACID textile façades is made up of flexible clips that are fixed into the pre-cut fabric so they can then easily be locked into the clamping profile. This internal mechanism means the fabric is stretched and tensioned evenly immediately, right to the corners and other connection points, and means the profiles can be placed precisely in advance.

The fabric range is extensive, with choices based partly on the planned use and building, and the possibility to select the color and how porous the material is. Plus, to make outdoor spaces even more comfortable and enjoyable, Schüco has come up with the new FACID Silence façade, which integrates sound-absorbing components into the fabric to greatly cut levels of sound pollution in urban environments. The system has already been used in a host of projects, such as the Willy Brandt Airport - Berlin Brandenburg International, the Großhadern surgical center in Munich, the parking lot of the FBI’s main office in San Diego and the new headquarters of Gotha Cosmetics in Bergamo.


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