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Eywa Sport & Spa

A Balance between Nature and Architecture

Studio ArchZa

Eywa Sport & Spa
By Redazione The Plan -

The design for this complex, a spa & fitness center nestling in 8,000 sq. m of greenery, was created by Studio ArchZa and it is located in Portogruaro, near Venice. The landscaping and architectural design placed a premium on integrating the structures into the environment through the careful use of materials and thoughtfully placed water features, outdoor furniture and pathways, with an abundance of plants. The spa & fitness center extends across two floors and includes - in addition to two gyms, a spa and wellness area - a conference room with a capacity of about 40.

Centro benessere Eywa © SPC Video - Alessandro Dal Col, courtesy Röfix

Different types of coatings and finishings are cleverly used to highlight the succession of volumes. For example, the sections plastered with SiSi by Röfix are flanked by parts clad with red Canadian cedar or aluminum composite panels in anthrax grey. The alternation of solids and voids along the façade creates an effect in which material sections are opposed to other sections that open up into the garden.

The two-story residential building draws heavily on the traditional country houses found in this part of the world. Outside, the architects opted for another alternation, this time between stone-clad and plastered portions. For the latter, they used Cortex – Kreativ line – by Röfix, which is produced using Röfix Designputz and finished with Röfix PE 519 Premium paint. This combination of products adds a very material essence to the surfaces that produces an intriguing contrast with the extremely smooth surfaces of the windows, while providing protection and durability.

Centro benessere Eywa © SPC Video - Alessandro Dal Col, courtesy Röfix

For the thermal insulation of both buildings, Röfix Poly external insulation was selected, partly because it meets demanding performance standards but is also extremely easy to use. It also improves building efficiency and so reduces energy consumption. Achieving the desired esthetics and performance targets required close cooperation between the company and the architects.


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