Eikon Evo - By-me sound diffusion goes one better
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Eikon Evo - By-me sound diffusion goes one better

Eikon Evo - By-me sound diffusion goes one better
By Redazione The Plan -

Incorporating Vimar sound diffusion into a traditional set-up or a By-me domotic system provides top-quality sound fidelity in the way it relays the digital signal and in the quality of its sound diffusers. Its independent audio ports make it compatible with sound sources outside the system, like MP3 readers, iPod and iPhone, and enable different rooms in the house to be tuned in simultaneously in different modes. Two further applications are the ability to make microphone calls throughout the house of in certain chosen audio zones, and a sophisticated “Baby Control” function: when the microphone picks up a sound above a pre-set threshold - for example, a baby crying - the system relays the sound on its diffusers, pausing any transmission that may be in progress and activating any audio zones that may have been turned off. By-me sound diffusion is now available in the Eikon Evo look, with its slim-profile frames, stylish design and variety of materials. As well as its dedicated settings, Eikon Evo provides a neat and handy sound diffusion control system via the latest Full Flat 4.3” video touch screens and the 10” Multimedia touch video, a blend of practicality and design.


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