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Designing Occupant Well-Being

Designing Occupant Well-Being
By Redazione The Plan -

Designing smart, invisible, silent systems providing just the right environmental temperature for occupant well-being sums up the mission of More, the division of RBM specializing in hydraulic heating and cooling systems. For More, the key to creating overall well-being is to imitate nature with systems that are not only functional and intuitive but also esthetically pleasing.

Showroom More, Milano, Marco Carini. © Davide Lovatti, courtesy RBM More

All-round occupant comfort in an indoor space depends on balancing three parameters: temperature, humidity and air quality with draft-free, silent technology. More’s integrated HVAC solutions for domestic and work environments, the hospitality sector, hospitals and residential homes allow interconnected regulation of these three parameters that not only meet specific client requirements but also take into account changing occupancy levels and outdoor weather conditions.

More’s series of radiant floor, wall, ceiling and perimeter elements provide heating and cooling that does not entail forced air mechanicals but relies on natural convective air circulation. An innovative hygrometric system providing discreet unobtrusive ventilation combines with the radiant panels to rapidly adjust the humidity-temperature ratio and keep conditions within the occupant-comfort range. The system automatically corrects the humidity when the humidity-temperature reading deviates from the parameters set, leaving the radiant system to maintain the indoor temperature. Air circulation, filtering and replenishment ensure environments always have clean purified air.

Showroom More, Milano, Marco Carini. © Davide Lovatti, courtesy RBM More

A study in invisible design, the sleek minimalist system has simple intuitive controls. All the technology involved is concealed under the flooring, behind skirting boards and frames or in recesses flush with the wall. The system also ensures noise-free functioning.

Designed by Marco Carini, More’s showroom in Via Solferino in Milan allows a hands-on look at the HVAC possibilities on offer. Visitors can interact directly with the products and their wide-ranging configurations: under parquet-covered floors, behind plasterboard-clad walls or false ceilings, even tucked away in skirting boards.

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