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Design, Security and Customization

Design, Security and Customization
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For 60 years, the Silvelox group has been providing top-class solutions for garage doors, security doors and combinations of these two elements with architecturally harmonious cladding. The company’s unwavering attention to detail has pushed its doors well beyond “simple entrance elements” into technologically advanced products that come to define projects.Silvelox’ great strength is its ability to provide solutions that merge design elegance with innovative product automation technology, cutting-edge anti-intrusion solutions, and energy saving and noise reduction technologies. It takes great care with every detail, carefully selecting the materials and finishings, and offering broad scope for customization. The creation of any Silvelox door starts from a project-specific paradigm in which the firm partners with the clients and architects to find that perfect solution for the location where the door will be installed.

Pivo’t is a security door that has elegance and practicality, making it ideal for large, classy entrances. As the name suggests, these doors use a pivot opening system that rotates around its own axis and does not have to rest against a door jamb, allowing it to sit flush with any wall surface. Maxima is the line of security doors that provides the optimal balance between anti-burglar protection (class 4) and design elegance. It comes in a range of shapes and colors. Silvelox also manufactures garage doors that have long been known in the industry as they do not require ceiling tracks, use an up-and-over opening mechanism with a counterweight system and each have a unique look. The Secur and Securlap lines both come in numerous finishings, with an optional anchorage system, making it easy to fit them into almost any design style. Finally, the W_concept system provides the appealing option of having garage and security doors with the same minimal aesthetics to give a façade its own uniqueness.


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