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Dante Alighieri School
By Redazione The Plan -
The earthquake that hit Emilia-Romagna in May 2012 was especially devastating for Sant’Agostino, a small community in the Ferrara area that lost, among other aspects, its high school building.
The new school was inaugurated only a few months after the natural disaster, having been designed by ETS Engineering and constructed by Wolf Haus using a prefabricated structure made with building and installation technologies that offer exceptional anti-seismic performance and energy savings. Falling tiles and other roof parts pose a real threat to people walking along the edges of buildings after an earthquake, so it is essential that roof elements are suitably secured to prevent any slippage.
In this case, the pitched roof has Wierer tiles. These ensure optimal stability even in earthquakes because they can be fixed in two ways, potentially using both methods together: self-tapping screws in the specific holes in the tiles or side fastening. Design aspects, including the double head lugs and side interlocks and ribs, make these tiles easy and precise to install, ensuring the tile system is stable but not too rigid to be unable to handle movement stress. Wierer’s rather unique tiles were a critical part of this project, meeting both the functional and aesthetic requirements.

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