Circular - Curved sliding door pocket system
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Circular - Curved sliding door pocket system

Circular - Curved sliding door pocket system
By Redazione The Plan -
Diego Speranza’s design to completely revamp a 1960s apartment in the Treviso province drew heavily on the use of natural light and careful combinations of colours and materials. White paint, wood, glass and Istrian stone were all selected to bring warmth and refinement, complementing the clean lines of the linear volumes and curves that demarcate the spaces. The living area centres on a cylindrical volume that has, on the front side, an open-plan kitchen and, on the rear, a small bathroom with a door leading onto the lounge. The wooden bathroom door, in the plasterboard wall, uses Eclisse’s Circular door system, although in a version customised by the architect without any jambs or profiles. Circular is a curved sliding door pocket system, for single or double doors. All doors are handcrafted to the exact depth of the opening and the curve (from 1 to 5 m). The frames for the curved doors are made using modular sheets, ensuring the door is flush in the pocket. The dual wheel sliding system has been designed specifically for running on a curved track, can be adapted to varying degrees of curvature and is perfectly silent. The decision to opt for Circular in this design allowed the architect to use the space exactly as desired, ensuring suitable flexibility without destroying the minimalist look at the heart of the whole project.

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