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Creativity and Resistance

New materials for architecture

Creativity and Resistance
By Redazione The Plan -

Founded in 2009 and headquartered
in the industrial zone of Temara, between Rabat and Casablanca, Bearch is
one of the companies making up the
Morocco-based Jet Contractors. The Group operating throughout the African continent has almost 30 years’ experience in the field of large-scale projects in all sectors. Specialist constructors of envelopes and large-scale
structures, Jet Contractors operates through a series of companies. This allows it to manage the full project requirement range, getting actively involved from the initial engineering and production phases of the structural elements through to their installation on the worksite, offering clients real turnkey solutions.

Bearch’s output consists mainly of envelope façades and urban furnitures, with special focus on cement-based materials like
GRC and Ductal®. In fact, the Bearch plant was the first company in Africa to obtain a license to produce Ductal® elements guaranteed by the parent company LafargeHolcim, France. Glass fiber reinforced concrete, GRC, is a highly versatile material lending itself to being variously shaped, textured and colored. Its ability to comply with designer creativity while at the same time delivering excellent mechanical strength and resistance to corrosion, the elements and pollutants make it an important designer resource. GRC elements are used in sandwich and ribbed panels as well as more sophisticated formats, like contemporary surfaces reinterpreting traditional Moucharabieh screen façades.

Ductal® is an ultra-high fiber reinforced concrete produced by combining an ultra-high performance cement base with organic fibers to obtain a material with up to six times more compression resistance and ten times more bending resistance than normal concrete. Another extremely versatile material that can also be given different shades and textures, Ductal® is also suitable for all shapes and designs of perforated panels. Extremely resistant and long lasting, and ideal for either structural or decorative elements, the material requires minimum maintenance. In fact, Bearch materials are included in a large number of construction projects in Morocco. Many residential complexes, railway stations, hotels, offices and schools prove GRC and Ductal® to be the best choice both for architecture referencing traditional building styles or new experimental designs, its properties of strength and durability also allowing exacting precision of detail.



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