Combining Tradition and Innovation to Achieve Quality
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Combining Tradition and Innovation to Achieve Quality

Combining Tradition and Innovation to Achieve Quality
By Redazione The Plan -

Ge Giussani was founded back in 1970 as a furniture manufacturer, but within a decade it had branched into floating floors and modular dividing walls. Located in the greater Milan area, Ge Giussani uses its expertise in combining craft skills and the latest manufacturing technologies to design and make furniture for plants, workstations, offices and meetings rooms, largely in aluminum, wood and glass. Its production, though, is not limited to business products, with solutions for kitchens, living and fitness spaces, public areas and display environments. This product range is a clear indication of how important innovation, research and flexibility are to the company’s approach. Over the years, it has positioned itself in the market as more than a simple product supplier, often becoming a fully-fledged partner or consultant for customers and designers through the design and creation phases of a project. Ge Giussani conducts a feasibility analysis with the customer, using both in-house technical experts and external architecture practices, determining the required technical and aesthetic characteristics of the desired spaces. The company then takes on the entire process, defining the details for the various project elements to ensure costs and construction times remain tightly under control. For example, it physically makes the orders and plans all the production activities, right up to installation and final testing. The industrial process adopted by the company is flexible, integrating careful artisan skill and ensuring Ge Giussani can meet practically any request from a customer or designer, with substantial room for customization. The firm even oversees the final stages of the production process, that is, following installation done by a skilled team, the company remains available to provide technical assistance for any changes, additions or substitutions. Sustainability is also fundamental for the company, with steps constantly being taken to move in this direction, especially ongoing research and development to reduce product thickness and simplify components. The raw materials used meet environmental and eco-sustainability criteria, while the manufacturing process is carefully designed to reduce waste materials. The end result of this careful, proven manufacturing process that hinges on the company’s combination of passion and experience is high-quality contemporary spaces, with every detail of the look and performance factored in so as to meet the needs and expectations of even the most demanding customers and designers.



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