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Reconfigurable Work Environments

Collaborative Room
By Redazione The Plan -

In recent years, workplaces have clearly experienced significant change and innovation. The proliferation of open-space offices has increased opportunities for discussion and sharing, fostering collaboration and relationships among co-workers. Such spaces are often designed to be reconfigured as needed, adapted from time to time to better suit the tasks at hand. Occasionally, such specific needs can actually mean a need for greater privacy, especially when intense concentration is the order of the day. 
This is the concept behind Estel's Collaborative Room, a system designed to provide increasingly flexible office spaces that can be easily adapted to the changing needs of today's working world. Estel's solution looks like a pod, creating a separate, private space in a larger environment while maintaining visual connections to the surrounding workspace. Collaborative Rooms range from 1 to 15 sq. m and can accommodate up to 13 people at a time, making them ideal for holding meetings and conference calls. However, because these spaces are soundproofed (noise reduction of up to 36 dB) and have an abundance of electrical outlets, they are also a viable option for individual offices. The LED bars installed inside provide 500 lux on the work surface and minimize energy waste as they are activated by a motion sensor. Ventilation can be managed either by a mechanical system or naturally, as the Collaborative Room can be provided with no or half a ceiling, configurations commonly used to create break and press areas. 
By focusing on acoustics, ventilation, lighting and cabling, Estel's solution truly puts the employee at the center, meeting their needs across the board, from improving well-being to maximizing productivity. As a mobile and barrier-free space, this system fully complies with the principles of "universal design", while the sustainability of its production cycle, using fully recyclable materials, is a clear demonstration of Estel's proactive commitment to the environment. 

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