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Cantina Giusti

Construction in Harmony with the Territory

Guizzo Armando Architetto

Cantina Giusti
By Redazione The Plan -

Designed by the Guizzo Armando Architetto practice and located in the northern Italian province of Treviso, in Nervesa della Battaglia, the Cantina Giusti winery is built to fit seamlessly and respectfully into the territory where it rises.

The winery complex covers roughly 5,000 sq. m, but two thirds of this is below ground, in a sloping shape that resembles the surrounding landscape, an aspect further enhanced by the green roof that even has a vineyard grown in complete symbiosis with this rural territory. The green roof is not some esthetic gimmick, but a functional addition that improves thermal insulation, minimizes the heat island effect, cuts CO2 emissions and increases the forecast lifecycle of the waterproofing.

Polyglass, a company in the Mapei Group, took charge of the waterproofing layers and supplying the materials for the green roof, which has to be able to handle all the processing and procedures required to cultivate a vineyard.

For this, it used Plana P polymer membranes formulated with distilled bitumen for the vapor barrier, Elastoshield TS4 P waterproofing membrane for the roof joints and Mapeplan T B, a synthetic roofing waterproofing membrane, for the upper part of the roof layering. This product ensures complete water-tightness from rainwater and irrigation, while also protecting the load-bearing structure from degradation. It also provides protection against root invasion and creeping rootstalk, aggressive percolating substances, atmospheric agents, microorganisms and bacteria.  Excellent dimensional stability, with the consequent resistance to degradation, is ensured by the glass mat reinforcement and the multi-extrusion coating process.

All Mapeplan T B waterproofing membranes have their own Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) as defined by ISO 14025 standards. This system uses parameters calculated according to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methods, following ISO 14040 standards, to provide details of a product’s environmental impact.

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