Blending Aesthetics and Technology in Customized Access Solutions
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Blending Aesthetics and Technology in Customized Access Solutions

By Redazione The Plan -

Founded in 1961, Silvelox initially had a narrow focus on solely manufacturing doors, but over time its production has grown and diversified. In 2018, the company took the step to become Silvelox Europe and in 2019, out of a merger with Seip, the Silvelox Group was created, an industrial company able to provide comprehensive technical solutions for entrance and garage doors, integrating technology, performance, aesthetics and energy saving options into solutions for the residential, industrial and commercial markets. Silvelox Group is an excellent and reliable partner for any scale or type of project, able to draw on its range of solutions and experience in determining precisely what is needed. 
Of late, perhaps its most exciting project has been the Ca’ delle Alzaie development designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti in Treviso, not too far from the city center. 
This development, in true Boeri style, sees three apartment blocks in a large garden right on the Sile river. For this highly visible project, Silvelox provided 60 entrance doors for the apartments, 74 garage doors and 3 doors for access to the parking areas. 
For the individual units, In_Wall security doors were installed, as the flush interior and exterior finish was a perfect fit for the essential lines of the apartments. The resulting sense of crisp, elegant integration is further enhanced through the paint and metal cladding. On the performance front, these doors provide class 4 burglar resistance and 40 dB sound reduction. 
The garages have sectional doors that, following the lighting approach in the communal areas, have special LED lighting for when they lift up. The customized finish for the garage doors matches the general color scheme for the project, while an ad hoc solution was designed for ventilation. 
Finally, Silvelox used the same color to create the automatic doors for access to the parking areas, with ventilation grids and a hinged side door with emergency exit handles for pedestrian use. 

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