Bioclimatic pergolas and outdoor spaces in harmony with their setting
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Bioclimatic pergolas enhancing outdoor spaces in harmony with their setting

Bioclimatic pergolas and outdoor spaces in harmony with their setting
By Redazione The Plan -

By eliminating the barriers between inside and out, pergolas create an uninterrupted connection between the two. They allow users to enjoy outdoor spaces with complete freedom, regardless of whether they’re in private homes or part of the services sector. Inspired by the ancient protective structures of the Mediterranean region, pergolas today are a way of creating outdoor areas that can be enjoyed the whole year round, providing both precious sunlight and the highest comfort standards.

With its unmistakably Italian designs, Pratic has played a leading role in innovating the relationship between indoors and outdoors for more than half a century. 

The firm’s aluminum and timber pergolas can be installed anywhere, with every model designed for maximum flexibility and to enhance any architectural context. Installed individually or combined using several modules, Pratic’s garden pergolas create large green spaces sheltered from the sun. In the same way, its terrace models allow you to breathe new life into city rooftops and terraces, making them usable all year round.

Pratic’s bioclimatic pergolas – available in the Opera, Vision, Brera, and Connect series – feature adjustable and retractable louvers for creating ideal comfort levels. The louvers move automatically and silently. And it only takes minutes to lift or fold them, letting you make the best of whatever the wind and sun conditions are in a completely natural way.

An outdoor loungeroom set in a Friuli vineyard​

The La Viarte winery, in Friuli’s Colli Orientali winegrowing region, is an excellent example of how interconnecting design and landscape can create an elegant, immersive hospitality experience that engages all the senses.

Purchased in 2012 by Padua-based businessman Alberto Piovan, the winery underwent an ambitious renovation, overseen by Parisotto + Formenton Architetti, aimed at tailoring the facility to meet the needs of the high-end food and wine tourism sector.

The elegant accommodations adjoin the tasting area with its scenic backdrop of vineyards, the spaces brought together by the elegance and functionality of Pratic’s Vision pergola.

This “loungeroom in a vineyard” was created with three bioclimatic modules arranged side by side. It provides an open-air space of around 540 square feet (50 m2) that seamlessly extends the inside spaces of the building to the outside. With clean lines framing the unique hilly skyline, the space can also be enjoyed from inside via the large glass window in the entrance area.

The boundary between indoors and out dematerializes with this design, in part helped by the choice of contemporary furnishings, porphyry pavers, and careful chromatic choices. The dark chocolate of the pergola reflects the brown hues of the tasting area, which in turn was designed to blend with the natural setting.

The space also offers superb comfort levels, the result of Pratic’s bioclimatic technology. The roof of the Vision modules has louvers that can be adjusted by up to 140 degrees. They can also be operated remotely to create the best lighting, ventilation, and temperature conditions at any time of day – this resulting in considerable energy savings. If it rains, the louvers can be fully closed, keeping the area below good and dry, while directing rainwater towards downpipes concealed inside the posts.


No limits to creativity combined with a close eye on sustainability

With a palette of no fewer than 38 colors created by design experts, Pratic pergolas will never get in the way of customizability or a designer’s creativity. All parts are individually painted in-house using a cutting-edge system that provides quality, environmentally sustainable results. The powders used guarantee color brilliance as well as high resistance to UV rays, salt, and humidity. To ensure the highest standards of environmental protection, as well as occupational health and safety, no solvents are used during painting, while powder utilization is close to 100%.

Plus, made entirely of aluminum, the Vision pergola is designed to be easily dismantled and recycled at the end of its useful life. The aim is to create an outdoor experience centered on wellbeing and genuine sustainability.


Photo credits: Alberto Strada, courtesy of Pratic

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