Bayermoor Winery: a modern tasting room in the heart of Woodinville
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Bayernmoor Winery: a modern tasting room in the heart of Woodinville

Part of the Woodin Creek Village residential complex

SkB Architects

Bayermoor Winery: a modern tasting room in the heart of Woodinville
By Redazione The Plan -

In Woodinville, Washington, SkB Architects has designed a  tasting room inside the Woodin Creek Village residential complex.Of German and Dutch decent, the Harris family is well-known for their family-owned Bayernmoor winery in Stanwood, Washington. The winery has a reputation for its Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon in particular, with all its wines produced using organic practices and mindful farming.

SkB Architects, founded by Shannon Gaffney, Kyle Gaffney, and Brian Collins-Friedrichs in 1999, undertook this project because they were inspired to tell a story by combining architecture, design, and graphic communication as part of a 360-degree approach to a single space.

One of the biggest challenges facing the studio was completing the project within budget and on schedule. This was true in particular for the furnishings and finishes, which in most cases had longer delivery times than expected.

The atmosphere of the tasting room is warm and familiar.Surrounded by large windows and greenery, the space combines contemporary design with classic details and an eclectic style, to create a unique atmosphere.

Paintings, period furniture, and photographs of the Harris family and their estate further add to the effect, making the room a one-of-a-kind space that enchants visitors.


The tasting room: a marriage of wine and architecture

Enoteca di Bayermoor, SkB Architects ©Hannah Rankin and Lindsay Hale, courtesy of SkB Architects

The tasting room is a space that invites exploration and sharing. A place where guests feel at ease and can have an unforgettable experience.

The color palette used is fresh and lively. The materials selected for the project, including oak, white marble, and bronze, give the room an elegance and originality, while the leather sofas with their retro looks recall the warm color of cork.

Exposed ventilation systems add a touch of industrial style to the space, creating a perfect contrast with the elegance of the material palette. Lighting plays an important role. White spotlights on the ceiling and opaque black pendent lights over the counter enhance architectural details, such as the white marble countertop, whose veining is gently accented by the overhead lighting.

The Bayernmoor tasting room is ideal for immersing yourself in the world of wine and enjoying a glass of something special. With its welcoming and eclectic atmosphere, this winery on America’s West Coast is a must-see for wine enthusiasts.

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Location: Woodinville, Washington, USA
Architects: SkB Architects
Client: private

Photography by Hannah Rankin and Lindsay Hale, courtesy of SkB Architects


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