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Arké - Everyday energy
By Redazione The Plan -
Simple, functional, contemporary. Arké is Vimar’s latest range for the home. This clever combination of design and technology is extremely versatile, ensuring it fits into just about every house, whether in the Classic (linear profile and sharp corners) or Round versions (a slightly curved front and rounded corners).
All of the seven material options - coated or galvanised metal, solid wood, Reflex, coated technopolymer and technopolymer - are manufactured using eco-sustainable processes, aesthetically pleasing co-moulding and wear-proof coating. In essence, Arké can be in the colour that best suits the room, with almost limitless possible combinations. Details like a slight double convex shape or the addition of axial versions help make the switches and control buttons stand out either in the naturally elegant anthracite grey version or the calm luminosity of white, both of which fit superbly with the vast colour palette to produce a harmonious combination for every home.
Over 200 functions can be controlled using Arké devices, but every operation is simple and intuitive. For example, energy efficient lights can be optimally controlled to ensure the light is just right, whether the lights are automatic modular lights, path markers, warning lights or removable emergency lamps that come on automatically in a blackout. The same applies to the various devices that form part of safety and security systems - gas detectors, burglar alarms, interlocked sockets.
The universal dimmers, timer thermostats and programmed clocks all help optimise energy savings by ensuring the temperature and lighting are ideal, thus reducing wasted energy.
The video door entry system is stand alone with a colour display and touch controls. Four different sound sources can be handled at one time, allowing something different to play in every room.
All Arké devices can be used with the By-me home automation system, allowing simple, integrated and intuitive control for any home, while ensuring both living comfort and energy savings.
The final touch is that everything can either be controlled centrally, using the touchscreen display unit with clear and intuitive graphics, or remotely, using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

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