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Argo 3.0

Hi-Tech Keys and Smartphones for Access Management

Argo 3.0
By Redazione The Plan -

A leader in the design and manufacture of locking and access-control solutions for the residential, hospitality, office and retail sectors, ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies is at the cutting edge of innovation, the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as engineering research and training. The opening of the company’s new research and development hub in Pisogne, on the northeastern shore of Lake Iseo, Italy, confirmed their resolve to stay ahead of the field. Located next to the headquarters, the 700 sq. m training hub for technicians and engineers is also the result of Iseo’s program to increase its headcount of highly skilled employees around the world by 30% between now and 2025.

Argo 3.0 Courtesy Iseo

“The development of the IoT world is intrinsically linked to the Smart Home market”, explained Roberto Gaspari, ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies' CEO. “It is a world that will continue to grow in coming years, as will the high-end mechanical security access sector”. Already today you can open a door without even seeing or touching it, just by tapping a smartphone screen. Keys are increasingly technological and smart, linking into cell phones, cards and electronic cards through the app Argo, ISEO’s access management system that has now been further developed and is available in the Argo 3.0 version. Its cutting-edge technology is compatible with all Iseo’s Connected-range locks thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 technology, while Smart Gateway allows access authorization management and remote door opening.

Among the Argo 3.0 compatible products is the Aries Smart 2.0 electronic handle plate, which can be installed on most doors available on the market and combined with many mechanical locks. Its sleek elegant design makes it a perfect fit for any environment, from classic to modern.

Argo 3.0 Courtesy Iseo

ISEO’s electronic modular cylinder Libra LE60 Smart 2.0 can be installed on all doors able to house a mechanical European-profile cylinder. Its patented modular design allows quick and easy installation. As well as the Aries and Libra, many other ISEO access-control products are compatible with the Argo. These include the X1R Smart motorized electronic lock for security doors, the Stylos credential reader, Smart Relay and Smart Locker.

Secure key functioning and access management are guaranteed by an app that meets the highest industry standards.

ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies
Via San Girolamo, 13 – I – 25055 Pisogne (BS)
Tel. +39 0364 8821
E-mail: [email protected]

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