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Augmented Design and Planning

By Redazione The Plan -

Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives, practically an extension of our hands. The integrated camera provides new ways to interact directly with reality and represent it as we choose. Artificial intelligence is helping us to make ever greater use of technologies and in recent years great strides have been made in using it as part of widely available augmented reality. Jung is a market leader in providing technology for construction and, with its new smartphone and tablet app, AR-Studio, it has drawn on the latest technological innovations to develop a modern system to test design options in the creation process. The app uses the camera on a phone to take the interaction between user, product and reality to a completely new level. The 3D digital visualization provides a real-time picture, on a mobile phone screen, of design decisions.

The app itself is very intuitive to use. One only needs to attach the Jung Experience Marker on the spot of the wall where one is considering placing a Jung switch, choose the material and desired color, and the app will then fit virtual 3D models of the selected Jung products into the live image of the room.  This gives architects, designers, builders and artisans the ability to see how their ideas will actually look once built.



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