Alpi Arcobaleno, Raggiosole, Xilo Kakao Collections
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Alpi Arcobaleno, Raggiosole, Xilo Kakao Collections

Unprecedented Color Transitions for Wood

Alpi Arcobaleno, Raggiosole, Xilo Kakao Collections
By Redazione The Plan -
For the most recent edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan and the series of fringe events, Alpi presented its new range of woods, the result of a process involving numerous experts and professionals, including Italian and international designers. The exhibition space chosen by the company was set up by Piero Lissoni and had every surface covered in wood, with a focus on discontinuous geometries and volumes, to provide a framework in which to highlight the versatility and potential of using this material in architecture. The fair provided an ideal opportunity to showcase the three new products that have been added to the company's already extensive and varied offerings: Arcobaleno, Raggiosole and Kakao. Industrial designer Konstantin Grcic was the creative mind behind Arcobaleno (rainbow) and Raggiosole (sunbeam), the result of a long and painstaking process in which color was the undisputed protagonist. Grcic experimented with fading one color into another, alternating them in a planned sequence and really exploiting the creative potential of wood to the full. The result is a composite wood that, when viewed from a distance, has a shaded effect, but when viewed up close, reveals the individual grains that make up the pattern, which is such a classic feature of this natural material. In Arcobaleno, the sequence begins and returns in a blue hue, passing through green, yellow, orange, red, magenta and purple. Raggiosole, on the other hand, focuses on reds and oranges alternating with black and ivory. While both of these lines might share a structural logic, stylistically they cater to quite different needs: the former is like a rainbow, vigorous and joyful; the latter is a more austere wood, but with equally strong esthetics charged with warm tones. Both can be used on small or large areas, and curved or flat surfaces. The Xilo line has been enriched with a new shade by Piero Lissoni: Kakao, which has a thick, enveloping color reminiscent of chocolate – as the name hints – that really enhances and complements the collection, helping to express its full potential. By adding a balanced color scale, the living material of wood is enriched, reproducing its natural grain and hues. The innovative and unprecedented solutions presented in Milan included three options that really encourage architects and designers to experiment with new material solutions, exploiting the versatility of wood and showing its potential in different areas, from the contract industry to furnishing solutions.

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