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All Seasons

A Smart, Concealed Air Conditioning and Purifying Solution

All Seasons
By Redazione The Plan -

All Seasons is an innovative new air-conditioning solution from Helty, a company of the Alpac group that specializes in controlled mechanical ventilation. This space-saving system provides winter heating, summer cooling and dehumidifying, and air treatment in a solution where the comfort of each room is adjusted independently by leveraging the combined benefits of split heat pump air conditioning with continuous air renewal and purification.

Across Europe, as the need to upgrade the energy performance of buildings has grown, the focus has also shifted towards thermal comfort in healthy, hygienic and often adjacent spaces. Such trends have only been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the perfect market for All Seasons, a versatile, low-inertia solution for the flexible management of heat loads in any season and a perfect option for air treatment in nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEBs). The controlled mechanical ventilation also properly evacuates and dilutes pollutants inside by bringing in air from outdoors that is purified and filtered.

This Helty system is based on two complementary elements, both of which have been designed to be installed and thus concealed in perimeter walls, such that neither the external architecture nor the interior design are altered. The indoor air conditioning unit renews and purifies the air in the room, managing the flow of hot or cold air through high induction vents.

The external unit captures renewable thermal energy, with a heat pump and attached controlled mechanical ventilation unit equipped with air filtration and cross-flow heat exchanger. All Seasons air conditioning technology can also be used with Alpac’s thermal insulating integrated, prefabricated window solution, which means designers can think more about the envelope and less about the air-conditioning installation. The system is suited to homes, hotels and offices, with a touch panel that provides an immediate picture of internal air quality. The addition of the Smart Life app means such information is now also available remotely. In Italy, Helty’s All Seasons also benefits from three forms of fiscal support: 50% for building renovation, 65% for energy upgrades and 110% as part of the so-called “superbonus” for a complete energy overhaul.

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