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Accessibility and Design for all Ages

Accessibility and Design for all Ages
By Redazione The Plan -

Interweaving design and functionality makes it possible to design a place, a room or a corner of the house with just the right amount of foresight not just to make it esthetically beautiful but to ensure that it is a welcoming and accessible space for all ages, from children to youths and the elderly.

This approach inspires Duravit for its many collections conceived to make the bathroom functional and comfortable, offering agile, unencumbered, opened-up spaces at the right height for existing furnishings. Requiring minimal physical movement, some washbasins and toilets can be rendered easier to reach by setting them higher than normal height; in addition, their lack of a bulky base resting on the floor gives them a suspended appearance. Alternatively, lowering or even doing away with the edges on shower trays makes them more-or-less instantly accessible.

 Courtesy Duravit

The Starck 3 Comfort toilet and the SensoWash® Slim and SensoWash® Starck f toilet with electronic seat are among the company’s toilet collections that focus closely on these needs by integrating comfort and technology. The Starck 3 Comfort toilet is a wall-hung item set 5 cm higher than standard while still being mounted on standard existing fittings. SensoWash® Starck f toilet bowls with electronic seat, by French designer Philippe Starck, offer the utmost comfort, encapsulating all of the features needed to ensure hygiene, ease-of-use and a design-rich approach, with an automatic lid opening and closing system, an antibacterial glaze, and an integrated bidet function with three types of jet, all adjustable and manageable via remote control.

Suspension above floor level is an important feature for washbasin area functionality and convenience in DuraStyle and L-Cube series consoles. Designed by Christian Werner, this latest collection of bathroom furniture was conceived specifically to pare back all superfluous elements and leave just the essentials: minimalist lines, tip-on technology drawer opening and automatic closing, all within custom-made consoles.

 Courtesy Duravit

The minimalist approach continues in Duravit’s floor-level showers, which are as practical for easy access as they are for cleaning: the Stonetto collection, designed by EOOS and manufactured entirely of non-slip and durable DuraSolid®, and the Tempano collection, which is made of sanitary acrylic. Available in a variety of different sizes in square and rectangular shapes, the shower tray geometry follows a linear slope, ensuring high drainage efficiency especially for outsized and rainfall showerheads. The side-mounted drain on Stonetto shower trays is hidden beneath a homogeneous cover to ensure full shower comfort.


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