A Suspended Ceiling for the Perfect Climate
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A Suspended Ceiling for the Perfect Climate

A Suspended Ceiling for the Perfect Climate
By Redazione The Plan -

Barrisol and Carrier are market leaders, respectively in stretch ceilings, and air conditioning and heating, but now they have joined forces to produce cutting-edge ceiling solutions that not only provide optimal air conditioning and quality, but also a beautiful design effect.

This latest range of solutions was conceived for public, industrial and healthcare buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants and even private homes. It comes in three versions that cater to multiple different needs, drawing on Barrisol’s Advanced Care Solutions and Carrier’s Healthy Buildings, which are both built on the overarching goal of creating healthy, safe indoor environments. All options have a structure with over 80% post-recycled and 100% recyclable aluminum and an integrated Barrisol Biosource® membrane, which is also fully recyclable.

Clinique Saint Jean, Saint Jean de Vedas, A+ Architecture Courtesy Barrisol

Barrisol Clim® featuring Carrier® is an innovative approach based on feeding air into the gap between the structural ceiling and a ceiling membrane stretched below, covering the entire room. This produces a two-fold effect as the treated air flows almost imperceptibly through the spaces around the edges and the actual stretched fabric helps cool or warm the air, creating the desired uniform heating or cooling. The combination of convection and thermal radiation allows the system to reach thermal comfort Class A
in heating and cooling according to ISO7730, also saving 10-20% of energy consumption.

Barrisol Pure Clim® featuring Carrier® both conditions and sanitizes the air as a series of UVC lights are installed in the air gap between the ceilings to kill any germs floating around in this space.

Barrisol Cloud Clim® featuring Carrier® utilizes the same hybrid thermal diffusion principle in a compact suspended modular version that automatically adjusts the diffusion flow to air temperature – something traditional diffusers do not do.

As the panels come in a range of colors and chromatic effects, they can be customized as desired, turning them into a defining decorative feature in any environment.

In 2021, the system took home the Red Dot Design Award "Best of the Best".

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