A ranch-style home with a Nordic soul
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A ranch-style home with a Nordic soul

Brilliant white walls that blend with the landscape

SD Design Studio

A ranch-style home with a Nordic soul
By Redazione The Plan -

Located in Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego’s North County, this ranch-style residence is home to architect Salomon Daniel and interior designer Dalia Feldman, the husband-and-wife cofounders of SD Design Studio. They bought and designed this little slice of heaven as an escape from busy city life in San Diego. The area, also referred to as The Covenant, is famous for its large open spaces and for being just five miles from the ocean.

While respectful of the original 1960s style, the project involved the complete renovation of the interiors, combining the origins of the building with modern Scandinavian architecture with its strong connection with nature. The house, on two levels, has 270-degree views of the surrounding hills and abundant natural light in every room, in which brilliant white walls and large windows frame the West Coast landscape.


Renovating a ranch-style home

SD Design Studio ©Samantha Goh, courtesy of SD Design Studio

Work on the home was begun by the previous owners, who undertook a full DIY renovation. After the initial partial demolition, however, the job proved to be beyond them. At this point, Dalia and Salomon got a call from a realtor about the home and decided to buy it and take over the project. They took advantage of this great opportunity to create a warm, welcoming home to escape from city life.

“One of the biggest challenges for us was taking over the project in mid-demolition,” said Feldman and Daniel. “The moment we first walked through the door as the new owners with the keys in our hand, we knew we had a very difficult task before us and that we were going to have to be very smart to keep our vision and design dreams within our budget.”


Natural materials: wood and marble

SD Design Studio ©Samantha Goh, courtesy of SD Design Studio

The relationship with the landscape is the core value of the home, which expresses its uniqueness through the use of neutral colors and materials. The house has been fully renovated, with the large kitchen, characterized by natural materials such as wood and marble, forming the centerpiece. White oak flooring contrasts perfectly with the matt black finishes and fixtures, while the Italian marble-effect porcelain kitchen countertop creates a fresh, intimate feel.

The living room–kitchen space, framed by a white ceiling with exposed rafters, has large windows that give the room a bright, well-defined feel. The dining table is solid oak, celebrating the natural beauty of untreated timber typical of Scandinavian architecture, which is always mindful of the functionality and practicality of each piece of furniture without ever forgetting the value of beauty.

This ranch-style home is perfect for an intimate getaway or a quick county escape. But, with its shifting views and warm materials, it’s also a direct ticket to Scandinavia.


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Location: Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, California, USA
Architects and interior design: SD Design Studio (Dalia Feldman and Salomon Daniel)

Photography by Samantha Goh, courtesy of SD Design Studio


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