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3D Wall Design Surfaces

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3D Wall Design Surfaces
By Redazione The Plan -

Architecture inspired by art and craftsmanship often produces unexpected results that enrich a space and open up unprecedented possibilities. Atlas Concorde's dramatic 3D walls are a prime example, especially the 3D Wall Design line, which brings simplicity and elegance to any room. 3D Wall Carve was inspired by hand-worked stone, while 3D Wall Plaster found its muse in molded plaster, and both solutions give interior designers and architects the ability to create plays of light and shadow on any surface. 
Atlas Concorde pursues an articulate and innovative creative project in which contemporary motifs turn walls into protagonists, which helped the 3D Wall Carve line win the Red Dot Award 2022 and reach the ADI Design Index 2022 selection. The collection has five different patterns – Chisel, Leaf, Whittle, Sign and Squares, the last two designed by Piero Lissoni – that reinterpret artisan engravings to produce striking effects of movement. 
The micro-reliefs in the Chisel and Whittle patterns not only draw inspiration from carved geometric shapes, but also have a specially-designed glaze that foregrounds the design. In the Leaf pattern, true to its name, the design is a reinterpretation of foliage. By contrast, the Sign and Squares lines are more about the interaction of technique and art, recreating a 3D version of an abstract painting and a micro-mosaic, respectively.
A completely new addition to the catalog, the 3D Wall Plaster collection pushes the limits of experimentation, using the purity of white to create light effects that make surfaces vibrant and rich in detail, transforming architecture into art and vice versa. Available in a range of evocative reliefs, these ceramic wall tiles are inspired by the artisanal methods of plaster making, offering a contemporary revival with a handcrafted flavor. Each design – made with a chisel, brush, comb or plaster spatula – evokes the marks left by the artist's tools used to create such decorative reliefs. Once again, Plaster line has five patterns: Origami and Barcode, whose spatula patterns draw inspiration respectively from the famed paper-folding techniques and geometric motifs; Jasmine, which uses a play of hollows and reliefs to produce a botanic design; and Bloom and Combed, in which the soft relief is obtained by the bristles of a brush and a special comb, respectively. 
Atlas Concorde 3D ceramic surfaces add style and an artistic touch to any room, exploring the potential of different materials and enhancing the environment with unprecedented sculptural effects.

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