Dreaming of a Round-the-World Sailing Trip
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Dreaming of a Round-the-World Sailing Trip

Swan 58

Germán Frers | Misa Poggi

Dreaming of a Round-the-World Sailing Trip
By Redazione The Plan -

A globetrotter is an assiduous traveler, suitcase in hand, always ready for the next departure. The Swan 58 sailing yacht is also a globetrotter, as well as a symbol of safety, reliability and comfort down to the smallest detail.

Designed by Finnish company Nautor’s Swan and architect/sailor Germán Frers, with interiors designed by Misa Poggi, it is what is known as a bluewater, a type of yacht designed and built to make long sea voyages without sacrificing high-speed racing performance and good boat handling.

A great many of the vessel’s features are consequently related to functional and typological requirements, starting with the size, equipment, and accommodating outdoor and indoor spaces. The concept of “best possible livability” for prolonged periods of sailing or cruising experiences is inextricably linked with the width of the spaces and the length of the hull, nearly 18 m long, and its shape: the lines of the bow sections are softer to ensure a smoother upwind ride, even in strong gusts and choppy seas.

Swan 58 - © Eva-Stina Kjellman courtesy Nautor’s Swan Tre i mood dell’interior design: oltre allo standard Swan Soul, Scandi Vision si caratterizza per una palette delicata dominata da colori piuttosto tenui, mentre Velvet Vibe  per i rivestimenti opzionali in tessuto e pelle nei colori rosso e bordeaux intenso.

Forward of the twin rudders, the cockpit lies at the heart of the exterior shape. Thanks to the width of the central and aft areas, the cockpit accommodates two L-shaped sofas and two small tables with double leaves: when open, these tables form a single table where ten can sit down for a meal. The cockpit may also be reconfigured by lowering the sofas to become loungers, turning this and the aft areas suitable for sunbathing and direct contact with the blue waters, augmented further by an opening swim platform. Additional sunbathing and lounging space, where additional mattresses may be added, is available at the front of the deckhouse, directly connected to the bow area dedicated to guests, equipped with built-in splash guard protection.

Descending below decks, a large hatch leads into a combination of luxury and comfort on a par with a traditional living space, with typical nautical detailing like the windows built into the deckhouse and openings in the hull to ensure a supply of natural light.

Swan 58 - © Eva-Stina Kjellman courtesy Nautor’s Swan La dinette, che occupa tutta la larghezza dell’imbarcazione, permette di ottenere un’ampia zona pranzo con un tavolo adattabile a seconda delle esigenze, così da rendere l’esperienza a bordo ancor più personalizzata, funzionale  e confortevole per una lunga permanenza in mare.

The vessel’s interior design is a story of intimacy, functionality and elevated levels of customization. Three different moods are available, offering different combinations of materials and colors. The centerpiece of the interior deck is the saloon area, with a dinette, chairs and tables fully customizable on the starboard side. Depending on requirements, a number of configurations are possible, including a setup for the chart table or the insertion of more rooms. As well as the three basic cabins, a master suite in the bow and two guest suites in the stern with different bedding options, two additional guest and crew cabins may be added into the yacht’s central area.

The galley is located at the foot of the staircase that descends below deck: its form and practicality are functional even while sailing, as is evident from its storage cabinets and other accessories. Indeed, the kitchen is laid out like a mini courtyard, its 360-degree structure providing support in every situation.

True to the words of Germán Frers, Swan 58 is thus a bluewater destined to become a classic, “young and active for many years to come”.

Completion: 2021
Exterior Designer: Germán Frers
Interior Designer: Misa Poggi

All photos courtesy of Nautor’s Swan

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